Regulating Emotions with RULER

Because our emotions affect so many areas of our lives, how well we regulate them can impact our ability to achieve our goals. Emotion regulation strategies fall into two main categories: (1) action strategies, which are things we can do, like deep breathing and self-care and (2) thought strategies, which are things we can think, like positive self-talk or positive reframing.

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Staff Reflections

After viewing the video, find relevance and meaning by making connections between the video and your OST experience by reflecting. Feel free to respond to the prompts below by writing in a journal, sharing in small/large groups, or taking a moment to sit with your own thoughts. Use the approach that fits best in your setting. 

Prompt 1

What has been your go-to strategy for regulating your emotions? When have you found it helpful?

Prompt 2

What emotion regulation strategy will you introduce to youth in your program?

Staff Activities

After viewing the video, engage staff in activities to practice and explore key RULER concepts. Click the thumbnails below to download the activities and tip sheet.

Building Our
Strategy Toolbox


Emotion Regulation Tip Sheet

Youth Activity

Regulating Emotions with RULER

Elementary School

Middle & High School

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