Supporting Youth Behavior with Emotional Intelligence

We can better understand and support youth by acting as emotion scientists: listening deeply with curiosity and empathy and without judgment, and paying careful attention to their perspectives, expressions, and actions. This includes managing our own emotions before we help youth with theirs and offering continued support to help them evaluate and shift their behavior.

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Staff Reflections

After viewing the video, find relevance and meaning by making connections between the video and your OST experience by reflecting. Feel free to respond to the prompts below by writing in a journal, sharing in small/large groups, or taking a moment to sit with your own thoughts. Use the approach that fits best in your setting. 

Prompt 1

What is the difference between an emotion scientist and an emotion judge? What can you do to be more of an emotion scientist in your interactions with the staff and students in your program?

Prompt 2

Reflect on an intense situation you had with a staff member or youth in your OST program. How might you handle it differently after viewing the video?

Staff Activities

After viewing the video, engage staff in activities to practice and explore key RULER concepts. Click the thumbnails below to download the activities and tip sheet.

Emotion Scientist or
Emotion Judge?

Recognizing and Shifting our Biases

5 Steps to Help Youth Regulate Emotions

Youth Activity

Emotion Scientist or Emotion Judge?

Elementary School

Middle & High School

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