All in-person trainings have been temporarily moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider attending our RULER Institute Online.

RULER Institute: Creating Emotionally Intelligent Schools

The RULER Institute is the first step for bringing RULER to a school. The two-day, in-person training institute is designed to equip a small team from each school to lead RULER implementation. The training consists of two full days of interactive and reflective activities that teach the principles and skills of emotional intelligence and the tools developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to support individual growth and to improve school climate. During the training, RULER Implementation Teams will also have time to begin strategizing how they plan to bring RULER to their school, starting with how they will train the rest of their school staff.


Hosting a Regional RULER Training Institute

Regional trainings are possible if 25 or more schools within a district or region are committed to adopting RULER. The timeline to arrange and host a regional RULER training is approximately 90 days. During this time, a designated liaison from your district or region will work with a RULER training coordinator from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. This training coordinator will support and guide you in the process of setting up the regional RULER training in your area.


Setting Up a Regional RULER Training

We are ready to get started on planning your regional RULER training with you. Prior to reaching out, please have the following confirmed:

  • A designated Host Liaison (a person from your district/region who will coordinate the training with a RULER training coordinator from Yale)
  • 25 or more schools committed from your district or region with available funding ($6,000 per school team of 3)
  • Proposed training dates (2 consecutive days)
  • A venue to accommodate attendees

It is important to us that you have a clear expectation of what responsibilities belong with the district/region’s Host Liaison and what responsibilities belong to the RULER team. For more information on the timeline and party responsibilities, please check out our Regional Training Information Packet. Once you’ve reviewed the Regional Training Information Packet and are ready to get started, please email to move forward with next steps.