RULER in Out-of-School Time

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fee, thanks to generous support from The Wallace Foundation.

These resources can be used in afterschool programs, camps, clubs, sports, parks and recreation programs, etc.  Any organized program that works with youth outside of school time will be able to take advantage of RULER in OST!

Although schools do not need to adopt RULER to use RULER in OST, we highly recommend it. 

 RULER is a systemic approach that supports entire school communities (leaders, educators, students, and families) in understanding the value of emotions, building emotional intelligence skills, and creating and maintaining positive learning environments. Implementing RULER in out-of-school time at RULER-trained schools provides continuity through the use of a common language and familiar routines and tools. OST presents youth with opportunities to practice skills in a variety of settings. If you work with a school that is interested in adopting RULER, please visit our website to view training options.  

Please email with any questions you may have.

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