We are often asked by RULER schools to assist in measuring the success of educator well-being and SEL initiatives while monitoring progress over time. Our suite of social and emotional learning (SEL) assessment tools can be used individually or together to create a holistic picture of the best practices for the integration of SEL that supports all leaders, educators, and students. 

Where to Start

There are four assessments available for RULER schools with an active RULER Training and Implementation Support Package or RULER subscription at no additional fee. For more information on your school’s active packages, please contact 

By participating in an assessment, your school will participate in a research practice partnership with researchers at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. What this means is that your school will enter into an agreement to participate in a research study. This applies to all available assessments.  

We encourage you to follow the steps below to learn more about our assessments, capture the information you need, and get started with our research team.

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  1. Review our assessment overviews.
  2. Consider the assessment(s) that meet the needs of your school.
  3. Reach out with questions if you want more information.
  4. Complete the “Getting Started” form to begin working with our assessments.

Assessment Overviews

School Climate Walkthrough

Measuring: School climate across three domains: relationships, safety, institutional environment
Participants: Middle and high school (grades 6-12)
Time: 30 minutes
Consent: Parent/student opt-out or parent/student opt-in (depending on school/district policies)

Brief Overview:

The School Climate Walkthrough is a web-based app for measuring school climate (relationships, safety, teaching quality, environment, connectedness, etc). It takes approximately 20-30 minutes for students to complete the assessment. The app automatically aggregates the data and provides a report that afternoon. The report includes overall school climate scores and the ability to explore demographic groups to see discrepancies (e.g., 9th graders feel less supported than 12th graders, girls feel less safe than boys, etc.). Individual students remain anonymous.

Student Emotion Regulation Assessment (SERA)

Measuring: Emotion regulation strategies
Participants: Grades 1-12
Time: 20-30 minutes (generally longer for elementary school students)
Consent: Parent/student opt-out or parent/student opt-in (depending on school/district policies)

Brief Overview:

The SERA is a computer-based, illustrated, and narrated survey, and measures students’ use of eight different emotion regulation strategies: problem solving, emotional support-seeking, reappraisal, somatic relaxation, distraction, rumination, avoidance/escape, and acceptance. The SERA presents students with brief vignettes of emotional situations that commonly occur in school and ask how they would respond in each situation. Schools receive de-identified aggregate reports. 

Affective Experiences Scale (AES) and Sources of Well-being (SOW)

Measuring: Educator/staff well-being
Participants: Adults – teachers/faculty and staff
Time: 15 minutes
Consent: Opt-in

Brief Overview:

This survey consists of two digital surveys delivered through Qualtrics survey software: The Affective Experiences Scale (AES) (a measure of teachers’ emotional experiences) and the Sources of Well-Being Scale (SOW) (a measure of sources of educator well-being)Adults complete the survey anonymously. De-identified data is aggregated and a school level report is provided. 


Emotion-Focused Educator SEL Survey

Measuring: Educator Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) practices
Participants: Classroom teachers
Time: 15 minutes
Consent: Opt-in

Brief Overview:

This digital survey is a measure of teachers’ self-reported use of SEL practices.  Educators complete the survey anonymously through Qualtrics survey software. De-identified data is aggregated and a school level report is provided.


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