The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence has been developing a suite of social and emotional learning (SEL) assessment tools. The purpose of these is to support schools in making data-informed decisions with regards to their student and educator well-being and SEL initiatives, and to monitor their progress over time. The suite of tools can be used individually or together to create a holistic picture; these research-practice partnerships will help to determine best practices for the integration of SEL and SEL assessment in supporting all learners, educators, and leaders.

We currently have three assessments we are offering to RULER subscribed schools, for no additional charge.

School Climate Walkthrough

Measuring: School climate across three domains: relationships, safety, institutional environment
Participants: Middle and high school (grades 6-12)
Time: 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon
Consent: Parent/student opt-out or parent/student opt-in (depending on school/district policies)

Brief Overview:

The School Climate Walkthrough is a web-based app for measuring school climate (relationships, safety, teaching quality, environment, connectedness, etc). Students complete the assessment in two parts (15 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes at the end of the day, preferably in their classrooms), and the app automatically aggregates the data and provides a report that afternoon. The report includes overall school climate scores as well as the ability to explore demographic groups to see discrepancies (e.g., 9th graders feel less supported than 12th graders, girls feel less safe than boys, etc.). Individual students remain anonymous. The survey is recommended to be given two times per academic year for the purposes of tracking change in a school and identifying areas of concern for intervention. Students complete the survey anonymously.

Student Emotion Regulation Assessment (SERA)

Measuring: Emotion regulation strategies
Participants: Grades 1-12
Time: 20-30 minutes (generally longer for elementary school students)
Consent: Parent/student opt-out or parent/student opt-in (depending on school/district policies)

Brief Overview:

The SERA is administered as a Qualtrics survey, and measures students’ use of eight different emotion regulation strategies: problem solving, emotional support-seeking, reappraisal, somatic relaxation, distraction, rumination, avoidance/escape, and acceptance. The SERA has two grade-level versions: SERA-Primary (grades 1-5) and SERA-Secondary (grades 6-12). Both versions present students with brief vignettes of emotional situations that commonly occur in school and ask how they would respond in each situation. The SERA is computer-based, illustrated, and narrated to enhance student engagement and accessibility. It is recommended to be completed once per academic year. Ideally, students would take this assessment in their classroom on a computer with headphones/earphones. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Schools receive de-identified aggregate reports.

Educator/Staff Well-being and Emotion-focused Educator SEL Survey

Measuring: Educator/staff well-being and classroom educator social emotional learning practices
Participants: Educators – teachers/faculty and staff
Time: 15 minutes
Consent: Opt-in

Brief Overview:

The EWB survey consists of three digital surveys delivered through Qualtrics survey software: The Affective Experiences Scale (AES) (a measure of teachers’ emotional experiences), the Sources of Well-Being Scale (SoW) (a measure of sources of educator well-being), and the Emotion-Focused Educator SEL Survey (EFESS) (a measure of teachers’ self-reported use of SEL practices). In total, all three sections take approximately 15 minutes to complete and we recommend to be administered twice per year. Educators complete the survey anonymously but provide their email on the last screen. De-identified data is aggregated and a school level report is provided.


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