Giving to the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

With your support, we can:

  • Design and test new social and emotional curricula for children pre-K through grade 12, and beyond
  • Evaluate the emotional skills training that leaders, educators, students, and their caregivers need
  • Measure the difference this training makes in academic performance and classroom climate
  • Strengthen emotional intelligence supports for leaders, educators, and caregivers
  • Reach individuals and groups where the need is greatest and the resources are few

Your support matters! Courage, compassion, resilience, generosity, tenacity, acceptance, confidence, and kindness are qualities we want children and adults of all ages and backgrounds to possess. These qualities can be fostered in emotionally intelligent classrooms, homes, workplaces, and communities. Learn more about our RULER scholarship program for schools whose student populations face high levels of adversity.

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  2. Then, select the plus next to “Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence” to be added to the “Selected Funds” section on the right-hand side of the screen.
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For additional questions, contact Michelle Lugo at

Checks can be sent to the following address:

Attn: Michelle Lugo
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
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Priority District Fund

The Priority District Fund serves as a RULER scholarship program for schools whose student populations face high levels of adversity. Whether due to poverty, food or housing insecurity, trauma, or competing needs that stress a school’s ability to pay for training on their own, the fund gives schools the opportunity to incorporate RULER into their strategic planning. Recognizing that the challenges schools face can also derail plans and delay rollout, the fund allows for larger implementation teams (of up to 5) to attend the RULER Institute Online and offers 2 years of additional support (for a total of 4) in the form of coaching, newsletters, webinars, and access to RULER content online. For more information about the fund and how you can support it, please contact Michelle Lugo at