RULER is a CASEL SELect Program

This designation indicates that RULER is an evidence-based, well-designed, and classroom-based program that systematically promotes students’ social and emotional competence, provides opportunities for practice, offers multiyear programming, and delivers high-quality training and other implementation supports.

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How RULER Works

As the goal of RULER is to make the approach an enduring part of your school’s culture, RULER is introduced in phases. RULER adoption begins with staff personal and professional learning, and continues with classroom instruction for students, and family engagement and education.

Staff Personal and Professional Learning

RULER adoption begins when a small team from a school (one leader and two educators or mental health professionals) attends a RULER Institute for Creating Emotionally Intelligent Schools on the principles and tools of emotional intelligence. Over time, with implementation support, all school staff participate in RULER skill-building activities so they can be role models and knowledgeable implementers of RULER for students and families.

Training For Your School Team

Classroom Instruction

Student learning content follows the Understanding by Design framework and aligns with both social and emotional learning and academic standards. In early childhood and elementary school, RULER embeds into existing academic curricula. Middle and high school content focuses on the intersection of social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of early and late adolescence.

Classroom Instruction

Family Engagement and Education

Content for families supports what students learn in school, using everyday and culturally responsive language for accessibility. School leaders, parent leaders, teachers, and students work to engage and educate families.

Family Engagement and Education

Out-of-School Time

Out-of-School Time (OST) settings, such as recess, before- and after-school programs, and other spaces outside of the academic environment, present unique opportunities for youth to develop social and emotional skills.

Out-of-School Time (OST)