We are excited to know that your school will be joining thousands of other schools around the world committed to emotional intelligence and positive emotional climates! The journey begins with the RULER Institute, a training that will guide a team from your school through a series of skill-development activities to bring back. Let us help you make the important decision of choosing your school’s RULER Institute trainees, who will in turn become your school’s founding RULER Implementation Team. 


Who should attend the RULER Institute?

We understand that plans change as you decide who from your school will be able to attend the RULER Institute. That said, we ask you to consider selecting people from your school who together would create the highest-impact version of your initial RULER Implementation Team. 

Most schools tend to find it helpful to include one each of the following:

  • The school principal (preferable) or another school leader
  • Pupil services personnel such as a school counselor, psychologist, and/or social worker
  • Teacher leader(s) across grade levels


What are the typical responsibilities as an Implementation Team Member?

RULER will provide your RULER implementation team with materials to help them…

  • Become an emotional intelligence expert.
  • Create an “emotions matter” mindset.
  • Model and share RULER principles when you return to your school after training.
  • Invite all school faculty and staff to learn about emotional intelligence and peruse resources for themselves, students, and families through the RULER Online platform.
  • Guide planning and implementation of RULER in your entire school community.
  • Sustain the focus and energy to support RULER implementation over time.


How can my school’s RULER implementation grow after the initial trainees return from the RULER Institute?

After your school’s RULER Implementation Team attends RULER training, you may find other enthusiastic and motivated individuals in the school community to join the team. If you receive interest, you can even create a larger RULER task force or committee. This will make RULER rollout even better with more voices, perspectives, and forces behind the charge!