After a school team attends the RULER Training Institute, they lead the charge in sharing RULER with all other faculty and staff at their school. With the resources provided through RULER Online, the team that attended the training will spend at least a year supporting their faculty and staff in becoming familiar with the RULER skills and tools. This is an essential step prior to introducing RULER to students and families, as the adults in the school community need to model the RULER approach.

There are a variety of methods we offer to support the success of this phase of RULER implementation within the school community. Your school’s RULER Training and Implementation Support Package will include:

  • The RULER Online implementation support platform for administrators, faculty, and staff
    • Includes staff development and preK-12 curricular resources
  • Virtual group coaching sessions
  • Monthly electronic newsletters to support with the rollout of RULER at your school

After the RULER Training and Implementation Support Package, your school will have the option to continue with an annual RULER subscription that bundles together support services, events, and resources that guide RULER implementation. To learn more, please review our school-level offerings.