Family Engagement

June 4, 2019

The goal of RULER for Families is to connect studentsā€™ families, and especially their parents and caregivers, to the work being accomplished within the school. We aim to reinforce the value of emotions in families and offer parents and caregivers the opportunity to learn RULER tools and develop emotional intelligence.

First, we provide schools with innovative approaches to engage families. We also design developmentally appropriate content with skill-building opportunities to be shared directly with parents, caregivers, and families, including opportunities for families to come together in person to learn with and from each other.

Content for families focuses on helping parents and caregivers better recognize, understand, accept, and manage their own and their childrenā€™s emotions. Activities help caregivers feel more comfortable with the full range of human emotions and guide them to deal with those emotions in ways that support the development of warm and secure relationships. RULER for Families uses everyday language that is approachable and inclusive, such as how to help children to be kind, happy, and confident. Content supports parents and caregivers in being their “best selves,” such as patient, responsive, and loving while holding their children to a high standard. RULER for Families was designed to validate and broaden social and emotional skill learning at home, honor cultural diversity, and prepare children for success in life.

Families who are interested in learning more can watch the following videos to gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and RULER.

When it comes to recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotions in families, there are actions we can take to feel better and build strong relationships.

Learn some tips we can all practice to help families feel better and build stronger relationships. Download your tipsheet by clicking the links below.