What does the RULER classroom content look like?

June 30, 2020

RULER offers classroom content for grades pre-K through 12. Each grade-level segment has a recommended scope and sequence to allow for thoughtful planning, flexibility, and execution on behalf of the teacher. Classroom content utilizes vertically aligned skill development and addresses CASEL’s core competencies of social and emotional learning, Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) standards, and state SEL standards.

RULER for Early Childhood integrates into the existing routines and learning goals of the classroom and is play based. Lessons and activities are flexible in terms of length, sequence, and content, and can be adapted to fit your setting.

The RULER for Elementary School curriculum consists of up to 18 units per grade, with four ~45-minute lessons per unit. Each unit is meant to be completed within two weeks. Six units focus on concepts and applications of the RULER tools, and the remaining twelve focus specifically on emotional vocabulary.

The RULER for Middle School curriculum consists of 5 units per grade, with each unit having four lessons. The curriculum is rooted in project-based learning where students become the co-creators of knowledge. The curriculum includes suggestions for projects across six disciplines: ELA, social studies/history, math, science, digital/fine arts, and physical education.

Early Childhood through Middle School’s lessons are reinforced in the classroom by RULER Core Routines. These are quick and informal everyday practices that are easily integrated into the day.

The RULER for High School curriculum is a flexible, interactive curriculum consisting of 20 lessons per grade. Each lesson spans between 45 and 60 minutes. However, lessons do not have to be completed in one sitting — they can be implemented in a way that makes the most sense for your school’s structure, schedule, and curriculum. Schools may choose to implement RULER in advisory, health class, or even a flex or college counseling period.