RULER supports adolescents with the advanced social and emotional skills they need to navigate high school and life beyond high school. In addition to enhancing school and classroom climate, RULER offers a high school curriculum that encourages students to explore three thematic questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I maximize my emotional intelligence to get there? A total of 80, 45-minute core lessons are currently available (20 lessons per year for 4 years). These lessons can be taught in advisory or health class settings, or easily integrated into any academic content area. Each lesson includes a session guide (lesson plan and handouts) and a corresponding set of slides. High school lessons are designed to build RULER knowledge and skills through the exploration of topics such as visioning and goal setting, stress management, college and career readiness, and advocacy and leadership, all viewed through the lens of emotional intelligence.

Upon completion of high school lessons, students will have an expanded emotion vocabulary to understand and regulate their emotions; a personalized set of strategies for forming and maintaining healthy relationships and making sound decisions; greater understanding of what motivates them, and knowledge of and practice with how to set goals and achieve them.