New Mood Meter Mobile App Teaches Emotional Intelligence

June 17, 2014

Mood Meter AppMay 7, 2014 — (New York, NY) –Dr. Marc Brackett and Dr. Robin Stern of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence today announced the launch of the Mood Meter app for iOS available in the iTunes App Store. The app was developed in collaboration with HopeLab, with content based on research conducted through RULER and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

This dynamic, intuitive, and visually appealing app unites leading edge technology with research conducted at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. The app helps users of all ages build the skills of recognizing, labeling, and regulating emotions to live a healthier, more productive, and fulfilling life.

The Mood Meter app, rooted in decades of research at Yale, is a dynamic tool designed to teach emotional intelligence, including the key skills of self-awareness and self-regulation.

Says Dr. Brackett, “The Mood Meter App extends the reach of this evidence into a tool to support people at home, at work, and in other social situations in a user friendly, private way.   It actually helps users to build self-awareness and learn effective strategies to manage feelings providing opportunities to build the skills they need and then make more informed decisions and build stronger, more compassionate relationships.

Says Dr. Stern, “The app is just a great tool for people of all ages and walks of life.  Families can especially benefit from the use of the app as it can help all members to more deeply understand themselves and each other — ultimately building better communication and compassion between them.”

“We directly engaged users in the design process to create the Mood Meter app, listening to their feedback and iterating the app design to create a tool that’s appealing, easy-to-use and grounded in the great research-based work done by Marc, Robin and their team,” said Fred Dillon, Director of Product Development at HopeLab. “The app exemplifies the positive potential of technology to improve people’s well-being.”

Additional partners in the development of the Mood Meter app include Chairun Siregar (designer) and Reliable Coders.

The App is available for just $.99 in the iTunes App Store.