Your school can reactivate its RULER Online account through a RULER subscription. When your school began RULER implementation, its training package included several supports, including access to the RULER Online platform. When this training package or your school’s previous subscription expired, your school’s RULER Online account was deactivated. 

If you are not able to subscribe on behalf of your school, please use this message to communicate with your school’s decision makers about this opportunity. 

RULER Subscription Package

The RULER subscription is $1,000 per school/year. It includes:

Virtual Coaching Sessions: Your RULER Implementation Team can continue to leverage the knowledge and expertise of our RULER coaches with these implementation support sessions customized to your school’s needs.

RULER Online Access: Your entire school administration, faculty, and staff will also get access to the RULER Online platform–a custom one-stop-shop for courses, resources, and tools designed for all educators and staff within a school.

Newsletters: Stay connected to our research, keep up to date on the latest from the SEL world, gain access to recommended resources to embolden the ongoing RULER work at your school, and participate in our community-building social media engagement campaigns. RULER newsletters delivered to the inboxes of your school’s Implementation Team will keep you informed and connected.

Support Webinars: Become a more confident ambassador of RULER with our support webinars. Offered throughout the academic year and recorded for convenient viewing, these sessions will be offered to the members of your RULER Implementation Team. Choose from sessions that address early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school as well as staff development and family engagement.



If you have any questions, please email