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RULER coaching sessions are designed for RULER Implementation Teams that have attended RULER training, have access to RULER Online, and are eligible for coaching through an active RULER Training Implementation Package or RULER subscription. These collaborative and interactive coaching sessions give RULER Implementation Teams the opportunity to discuss shared implementation challenges with a RULER coach as well as fellow attendees from other RULER schools who are also working on strengthening their RULER implementation.

Why should we attend RULER Coaching Sessions?

  • Coaching sessions will be shaped by your questions, which you can submit upon registering. Each session will be uniquely tailored to address the challenges faced by the attending implementation teams.
  • RULER implementation involves multiple phases over time. Coaching helps to support your RULER Implementation team through the phases of bringing the approach to staff, students, and families. 
  • Sessions are conducted by RULER coaches from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence who have been working with schools across the US with a diverse set of needs.  Our goal is to provide the support each school requires to flourish. 
  • Your school’s RULER Implementation Team will have the opportunity to connect and network with other school teams in each session. 
  • RULER coaching sessions are part of the 2-year RULER Training Implementation Package or RULER subscription your school signed up for to support RULER implementation. Sessions are available at no extra cost. Your RULER Implementation Team has access to 3 coaching sessions in the first year after training and 2 coaching sessions in the second. 

What to expect from a RULER Coaching Session

Register for a RULER Coaching Session

You can register your RULER Implementation Team for a coaching session by clicking a session below or by visiting the coaching session calendar. *Please select one person from your RULER Implementation Team to register all of your team members for the session.*

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