The RULER Implementation Self-Assessment is the best tool available to guide RULER implementation reflection and planning. The assessment was created to gauge your school’s RULER implementation progress by utilizing validated measures designed by researchers at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Upon completion of the self-assessment, all responses will be emailed to your school leader for your school’s records.

RULER Implementation Self-Assessment 

Taken Once a Year at the Time of Your School’s RULER Subscription Renewal

15 – 20 Minutes to Complete
One Response Per School


The RULER Implementation Self-Assessment Enhances RULER Implementation 

With the data from the assessment, your school’s RULER Implementation Team can: 

  • Report to district leaders on what has been accomplished in the last year
  • Create benchmarks upon which to build for next year 
  • Build a case for renewed investment in RULER 
  • Set annual goals 
  • Communicate updates and progress with families
  • Identify areas of improvement to discuss during RULER group coaching sessions
  • Share successes and vocalize areas of improvement with the RULER team
  • Plan for addressing RULER onboarding in the case of staff turnover
  • Shape the future of the approach by identifying which resources have been most and least useful

Accessing Your School’s RULER Implementation Self-Assessment

Each school leader is emailed with reminders to complete the RULER Implementation Self-Assessment starting 60 days before and leading up to the assessment due date. Your school’s annual assessment due date is calculated based on the date you were trained and varies by school. If you have any questions about the RULER Implementation Self-Assessment, please contact