Excellence in RULER implementation is happening across the globe. With over 4,000 schools trained in RULER, educators, students, and their families are adopting and customizing the approach to make it their own – to build emotionally intelligent school communities. Are you part of an exemplary RULER school? If so, we may want to work with you to show other schools what is possible when the emotions matter mindset becomes fully integrated into a school. If selected, we would also provide you with opportunities to network with other RULER pioneers to exchange ideas and share best practices – and support you with continuing to grow your own school’s practice in exciting, innovative ways. RULER Schools earlier on their journey would be learning directly from you – educators inspiring educators. 

Become a RULER Mentor School.  

Review the Form and Apply! 

The deadline to apply is February 17, 2023.

What is a RULER Mentor School?

A RULER Mentor School is recognized for its expertise and ingenuity when it comes to RULER implementation. These schools are available to serve in a mentorship role with other schools in their RULER journey for one year with an option to renew after the first year.

Why be a RULER Mentor School?

Becoming a RULER Mentor school has benefits that connect your school with opportunities to enhance implementation and gain recognition for work with emotional intelligence and SEL (Social and Emotional Learning). 

Benefits include: 

  • A one-year free subscription to RULER Online 
  • Opportunities to be featured as a leader in the field and to inspire schools worldwide – through publications, speaking, social media, and teaching opportunities such as webinars with YCEI (Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence)
  • Customized support from our YCEI staff
  • Invitations to meet and network with our most innovative RULER Schools
  • A badge for your school website recognizing your school as a RULER Mentor School

How Do I Know if My School Qualifies?

The application process to become a RULER Mentor School requires that the following qualifications be met:

Phase 3 implies that the school is using all the RULER tools and that RULER is integrated into the life of the school in sustainable and innovative ways.

  • Proven community-wide and family engagement
  • Evidence of student voice and shared language aligned with RULER
  • Participation the “RULERWalk” as self-assessment and a way to help the schools you work with set goals.
  • Help two newer RULER schools understand successful RULER implementation by meeting monthly and by sharing your RULER story and insights.
  • Willingness to have YCEI staff visit your school, document your RULER artifacts and practices, and profile your school’s accomplishments on our website (giving you credit!)
  • Openness to making contributions to the wider domain of emotional intelligence and growing professionally.
    • Opportunities might include:
      • Co-authoring articles with YCEI staff
      • Presenting at the 2024 RULER Conference
      • Becoming a school site for RULER research

How Do We Become A RULER Mentor School?

Review the Form and Apply! 

The deadline to apply is February 17, 2023.

Please email lee.kathryn@yale.edu with any questions about the RULER Mentor School program.